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GNPS is a web-based mass spectrometry ecosystem that aims to be an open-access knowledge base for community-wide organization and sharing of raw, processed, or annotated fragmentation mass spectrometry data (MS/MS). GNPS aids in identification and discovery throughout the entire life cycle of data; from initial data acquisition/analysis to post publication.

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Data Analysis

Molecular Networking

  • Organize Spectra by Family
  • Visualize Large Datasets
  • Discover New Molecules
Create Molecular Network

Library Search

  • High-Throughput Dereplication
  • Comprehensive MS/MS Libraries
  • Find Analogs of Knowns
Match Libraries Help

MASST Search

  • Put Spectrum in Context
  • Query Across Public Spectra
  • Infer Metadata of Spectrum
Query Spectrum Help

GNPS Spectrum Library Knowledgebase

MS/MS Libraries

  • Browse Public Libraries
  • Help Curate Knowledge
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Add Your Spectrum

Molecule Explorer

  • Molecules Identified in Data
  • Metadata Context for Molecules
Explore Molecules Help

GNPS-MassIVE Datasets

Create Public Datasets

  • Deposit for Publication
  • Publish to Community
Deposit Dataset Help

Browse Public Datasets

  • Browse 1000+ GNPS Datasets
  • See Continuous IDs
Browse Datasets Help

Interact with Data

  • Subscribe to Datasets
  • Reanalyze Public Data
Subscription Help Reanalyze Help

Advanced Analysis Tools

In Silico Tools

  • Analyze Tools with
  • in silico tools
Browse Tools Documentation

Feature Networking

  • Quantify Molecules
  • Reduced Molecule Redundancy
Analyze Help


  • Find and Select Public Files
  • to Analyze by Sample Info
Get Started Documentation


  • Find and match
  • MS2 Motifs
Analyze Documentation

USI Resolution

  • Resolve/Visualize Universal Spectrum Identifier
Resolve Documentation


  • In Silico small molecule annotation
  • to Analyze by Sample Info
Analyze Documentation

GC-MS EI Data Analysis

Data Processing - Deconvolution

  • Dataset-Wide Spectral Alignment
  • Dataset-Wide Spectral Deconvolution
Process Raw GC-MS data Help

Library Search/Networking

  • Search Public EI Libraries
  • Create Molecular Networks
Analyze Help


Mingxun Wang, Jeremy J. Carver, Vanessa V. Phelan, Laura M. Sanchez, Neha Garg, Yao Peng, Don Duy Nguyen et al. "Sharing and community curation of mass spectrometry data with Global Natural Products Social Molecular Networking." Nature biotechnology 34, no. 8 (2016): 828. PMID: 27504778
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